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Comprehensive Experience, Tailored Services

Ethicare’s Biostatistics team has a broad range of therapeutic experience and our statisticians hold advanced degrees. They have extensive knowledge of various designs, statistical methodology and global regulatory requirements and add value to your projects and support our organization with data-driven information, analysis, interpretation and study design.

Whether your study is:

  •  Early phase study
  •  Pivotal study
  •  Post-approval study

We help you avoid needless complexity, errors and excessive cost.

Early proof-of-concept will be enabled by the use of innovative study designs (e.g. internal pilot studies or adaptive designs). Your study will be optimized with the selection of an appropriate statistical strategy for testing and parameter estimation. Whatever your objectives are:

  •  Superiority
  •  Non-inferiority
  •  Equivalence

Ethicare will identify a strategy that:

  •  Complies with regulatory guidelines
  •  Maximizes the chance of success
  •  Supports your marketing strategies

Ethicare statisticians understand the balance between clinical science, sound methodology and financial constraints, and can determine a sample size to suit the questions you wish to answer. We perform interim analyses to enable design adaptations and early decision making on critical development milestones, if required by your executive management