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Each of your planned projects is an investment in the future success of your company

  •  Ethicare project managers have an understanding of your business needs and know how to effectively manage your projects to

    address these needs

  •  Ethicare believes the project manager is the key to successful project performance
  •  Ethicare ensures that your projects will fulfill all your business needs – completed to the highest quality standards, on time and

    within your budget

    We assign project managers who are experienced in all aspects and phases of the development lifecycle. As you would expect, their education, qualifications and experience enable them to manage all technical and administrative aspects of your trial. Our ability to match the project manager’s experience with the needs of each project generates a perfect match for your benefit.

Effective project management

As the leader of the project team, the project manager assigns, coordinates and supervises the project team within and outside of Ethicare.

Ethicare project managers know the key drivers for a successful project team and can successfully manage:

  •  Different time zones all over the globe
  •  Cultural differences and various personalities
  •  Different regulatory environments and industry best practices
  •  Any indication area
  •  A variety of products

    Managing the information flow, multiple documents, forms and reports as well as keeping all involved parties and stakeholders informed is a project manager’s day-to-day business. We will keep you up-to-date on project progress and keep you in the loop of all important communication and information flows, according to your requests and preferences.

    You will be provided with a dedicated project team of highly qualified, motivated and continuously trained experts led by an experienced Ethicare project manager. Your team will ensure that your project is performed:

  •  In accordance with the protocol or observational plan
  •  In accordance with the applicable regulatory requirements
  •  In accordance with the applicable SOPs
  •  With the highest quality, generating reliable data
  •  Within your timelines
  •  Within your budget